Marketing Tips for the New Lawyer

Plenty of new lawyers are seeking new opportunities to gain additional clients. They understand that online marketing is the place to be to discover new clients and to be discovered.

However, it’s hard to know just where to start to put a large marketing place in motion. With Google, SEO services and online services promising to gain a new lawyer a foot in the door with clients the world over, there’s a lot to take into account.

So, what are the best marketing approaches a new lawyer can utilize to discover new clients? Well, in the past traditional marketing was separated into categories ranging from radio broadcasts, direct mail to cold calling clients by telephone.

But, in today’s competitive online marketplace it’s essential that firms and new lawyers seeking to build a client base offer their potential clients the best online introduction they can.

If you’re a new lawyer seeking new creative ways to reach potential clients, take into account these marketing tips for the new lawyer to create a comprehensive plan to market your skill in today’s online marketplace.

Think outside the box and be an expert

Understand the difference between internal and external SEO, and inbound marketing in the digital marketplace. Online content (whether it’s video, online copy, etc.) for your business needs to be streamlined to reach ideal targets.

Be sure to set yourself up as an expert in your legal field to create a tremendous inbound lead generation that is not only cost-effective but leads to greater client contact and engagement.

Write content that’s engaging.

Online marketing on the internet needs to be engaging to take potential clients from just cruising a website to signing a contract. So, be sure to create online copy potential clients will find easy to read in a conversational style.

Remember that conversational style mimics normal speaking patterns and avoids jargon that might be hard to understand.

Take time to understand the needs of your market.

Knowing the needs of a target market makes researching current market trends and then rising to meet them. So, be sure to do everything possible about the current marketing climate in your legal field and create a solid marketing plan around it.

Teach and grow by blogging

One solid marketing tips that utilize content that’s engaging is to create appealing timely educational content about a legal field. Articles can be posted to a firm’s company website and social media platforms to gain a greater audience from articles written.

Blogging when done correctly, helps establish a firm as a leader in their chosen field. It serves as an additional landing page to help new clients discover your firm online.

If a firm’s content is well written and SEO optimized, it makes it more likely that potential clients will end up in front of that content which could translate into a new client contact.

Do social media networking, in person and online networking a priority

Gaining new clients in today’s digital age means that networking across different networking channels, either online or in person should be at the top of your preferences for gaining clients. So, be sure to attend seminars, business trade shows, and other networking events to learn essential business contacts that could turn into potential clients.

Understand the impact of social media

In the digital marketplace, social media is king. So, it’s important to understand how to use some of these critical sites to your marketing advantage. An effective way to incorporate the power of Facebook into your marketing plan is by employing the use of Facebook’s retargeted ads. These great ads will appear on a potential client’s Facebook feed after a visit to your company website. By creating a retargeted ad, you stay in the mind potential clients giving you a one up against your competitors.

Twitter is another good way to reach potential clients and create brand awareness into your legal expertise. Use Twitter ads to create a buzz around your brand in a non-sales way to gain potential new clients. By utilizing viral marketing and these techniques, new lawyers will be well on their way to win a solid client base in no time.


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